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Chris Orbach: Photos


John inspecting our "dressing room" -- a room for drying mops.  Still better than the Beatles had it at the Bambi Kino, I tell myself..
Graham provides dessert!
John and Graham
John and his wife Jill at the Diner, between sets
"Shit...we've got to get back!"
Tell it like it is.
So long, 2006! Lobby of the Scranton Hilton -- Domino's in our bellies and the world (sort of) at our feet.

Somerville Theater, 12/16/06

Laid back to the point of falling over
Holy shit...a shot of all four of us!  Graham said -- "Great.  Now if only John was a lefty, and we were all 10 years younger."  Ouch. : )
Stew assumes a protective stance, checking in to the fabulous Amerisuites in Medford for our Somerville show.
Johnny checks the new glasses!
Are there eggs in Medford MA after 1PM?? Yes, but you get cold weak coffee, and no bathroom. It is what it is, folks.  At least we got to eat!!
Let's go get 'em!
All smiles after the soundcheck!
Show me how it's done!
John , Somerville
Onstage at the Somerville Theater, 12/16/06
Fan photo (thanks, Jen!) of Stew in guitar hero force, Somerville Theater.
Fan photo of Johnny at the Somerville.  Not only did he play his ass off -- but his snazzy shirt left me feeling woefully under-dressed!
In the tradition of space-abduction blurry's me digging in.
Johnny, backstage at Somerville.
Graham backstage at Somerville, making do with a slice.  "Any port in a storm," as my brother Tony would say!
These fancy hotels dun got their own hairdryers..I have arrived.

Recent shots

Graham and Stew
Chris and Graham, Gallery, 7/26/06
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