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Chris Orbach: Links
The official blog of Chris Orbach and friends, tentatively titled "Music, Movies, and Miseries." Enjoy.
You can buy my new album "Secession" track by track or the whole thing on iTunes.
New CD "SECESSION" available here!!!
New stuff available here too, as downloads only
Chris Orbach's Myspace page
Go here if you're a myspace fan. Plus, you can hear 4 COMPLETE songs of mine there--not just clips!
Like a brother. He's my musical "other half"...An amazing talent. Go and check out his own fantastic compositions -- you'll be amazed by his range.
The Fabulous John Montagna. A great friend, a great guy, and one of the most ridiculously good bass players I've ever heard.
Go here to see another side of Graham Hawthorne. West-african flavored funk that's deep, fun, and totally smokin! But then, this guy could bang a paint can and still swing.
One of my favorite singer/songwriters. A dear friend, and a total bad-ass.
Jon Gordon's website
Jon Gordon is a dear friend from high school who has become an absolute monster on the saxophone. Catch him when you get a chance -- he's incredible.
Acoustic Image Amps
Who knew? The Acoustic Image CORUS amp absolutely kills. It handles my acoustic guitars, my electrics, and even my bass -- and the sucker packs 400 watts and weighs 18 pounds!!! A great product from a great company. And no, they're not paying me to say it!
Gridley Records
Go visit the official website of the multi-talented and fantasic singer/songwriter Erin Hill!
The Schwagcast is a really fun podcast that was kind enough to feature my music, and they also threw a lot of kind words our way! So pay 'em a visit. :)
Buy My Record!
Hehe...just in case you missed the other link!